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“Jordan offers a one-of-a-kind, exquisite full body sensual massage that the goddess Hedone herself would endorse! She combines a warm reverence for the masculine energy with a sexy appreciation for the male form to deliver a delightfully heartfelt and simultaneously erotic relaxation to her clients. Her skillful technique matches her physical beauty and utter devotion to her craft so that all of your internal and external senses will rejoice at her touch!” –  anonymous brother, Berkeley

“My session with Jordan for tantric massage was incredible. Having never had this experience before I was immediately comforted by her clarity of intention and the safety and integrity with which she set the container of this journey. I was enthralled by her intuition of where and how to touch me and encouraged to find my voice to both ask for what I wanted/needed and to also speak about what I liked or didn’t. The journey itself was wonderful. A sensual delight that felt both honoring and intense. Breathing with Jordan made me feel connected on a spiritual level that I had not experienced in massage before but was everything I had hoped for when I heard ‘tantric massage.’ I would recommend receiving the touch of this goddess to any person wanting a sensitive and tantalizing experience that comes from her incredibly open heart.” – anonymous brother, Sonoma
“I was deeply touched by Joran's ability to take me beyond a very good sensual and playful massage to also reach my deepest heart places for a transcendent experience of healing as well as relaxation and pleasure. She is a wise and powerful woman for sure, yet shows up with incredible gentleness and sweetness. The entire experience was well crafted, fun and felt safe for me to show up as I am and be accepted and cherished. A truly divine gift for my aching heart.” – anonymous brother, Marin
“Jordan offers a no-stress, ceremonial experience that is individually tailored to each client. I felt honored and appreciated to the core, and remained in a blissful state long after my session ended. Thank you Jordan for this offering!” – anonymous brother, San Jose
"Receiving tantric massage from Jordan is an honoring and heart-filling experience. I was able to relax, receive, and presence myself to my feelings and experience. I felt loving touch and loving energy flowing from her heart." – anonymous brother, South Bay

“Jordan created a space where I could let go of performance, surrender to being taken care of, and connect to my sexuality with no expectations for how I needed to be or react or respond. A time to step outside the roles and patterns I usually fall into and just feel what I truly needed and wanted and felt in that moment. She was incredibly generous with her presence, her compassion, and her loving care.” – anonymous brother, South Bay