Sensual Tantric  Massage

I intuitively blend FBSM, therapeutic Swedish massage, playful flowing strokes and light erotic touch to realign your energy and tantalize your senses. You will bask in a heightened state of erotic awareness as we connect ever deeper with sensory stimulating eye gazing, Pranayama (guided breathwork) and chakra energy work to balance and prolong your sensation AND HEIGHTEN YOUR ENERGY.

60 minutes: $240

90 minutes: $360

120 minutes: $480


4 ~ 60 MINUTE CEREMONIES:  $865  (save 10%)

4 ~ 90 MINUTE CEREMONIES:  $1,225  (save 15%)

4 ~ 120 MINUTE CEREMONIES:  $1,535  (save 20%)

Delicious Sensory Accompaniments: 

(Additional Donation Applies)

Goddess Touch

(Consensual Non-Sexual Reciprocal Touch)


Prostate Awareness and Sacred Male G-Spot Massage

Sacred Shower Ritual*

INSPIRED BY THE SOOTHING JAPANESE BATHING RITUAL, this delicious experience blissfully completes your tantra massage. AS warm water CASCADES OVER YOUR BODY, i'll gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin leaving you silky soft and your energy revitalized.  YOUR RITUAL IS COMPLETE AS I ANOINT your body with a delicious essential oil blended especially for you.

King’s Platter*: 

Tongue Tantalizing, playful Edibles Fed to You!

(24-hour advanced notice required)


sacred Cuddle ritual (mini)*


*15 additional minutes

Sacred Cuddle Ritual

Consensual touch shared in a safe, platonic container fills a need that so many are longing for.   Otherwise known as the “cuddle hormone,” along with leaving you feeling deeply loved and connected, the release of oxytocin during cuddling has many health benefits.  Oxytocin boosts our immune system, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress and anxiety, helps to relieve pain, and allows us to sleep more restfully.

Allow yourself the gift of my loving intention to hold you sweetly in your vulnerability and your divinity.  You’ll resonate with a familiar sense of safety, a coming home, as you are seen, heard and honored for who you authentically are.  We’ll share our bonding by candle light lovingly lost in one another’s embrace and intimate gaze.  I welcome you as you are, being of service to you as we share consensual caressing, speaking into your wounds and concerns, celebrating your victories, and sharing belly aching laughter!

60 minutes: $240


4 ~ 60 MINUTE CEREMONIES:  $865  (save 10%)

sex, intimacy and dating Coaching 

I practice a holistic approach to healthful intimacy and sexual wellness, which means that we'll take a deep, intimate dive into how all areas of your life are inner connected and affect your health, happiness, performance and relationships.


Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat leaving you feeling sluggish and less confident in yourself?  Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from being fully present and engaged?  Do you find that you're on edge and anxiety-ridden causing you to lose interest in, patience with or you forgo intimacy altogether?  are you fed up with the dating scene feeling frustrated by not knowing what women really want?  (Hint: it's the authentic you that we desire!)


We'll take a journey to discover your blocks to both self and relational intimacy, and i'll guide you as we navigate lifestyle choices and effective communication that will best serve and honor your unique, authentic self and life path.  you'll level up in profound ways that your heart and body are longing for, that will bring you powerfully into balance as you improve and harmonize your energy, vitality, stamina and deepen your intimate connections.

60 minutes: $240

(A minimum of 6 coaching sessions suggested)


6 ~ 60 MINUTE sessions:  $1,295  (save 10%)

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