My invitation to you…

Join me in my exquisite sanctuary nestled in the woods of Mill Valley and leave what doesn’t serve you behind as you step into MY oasis of bliss. Give yourself permission to surrender into the safety and bounty of my feminine essence, AS I infuse my passionate love of life with my insatiable appetite to liberate your natural state of vibrancy, intimacy and ecstasy!


WE'LL dance at your edges as I tease out your powerful ENERGY and bring you to heightened bliss.  It is my honor to be your antidote as I guide, nourish and lavish you WITH MY SUBLIME TANTRIC TOUCH.  



nutrition and lifestyle coaching (iin) ~ Progressive training (dr. joe dispenza)

neo-tantra & intimacy coaching ~ kundalini tantra (raja choudhury)

hai (human awareness institute) ~ the wide awakening

productive learning, llc ~ landmark 

neurogym (john assaraf) ~ mba